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Investors Overview

Investment Highlights: Solid Value and a Path to Growth

Strategy for Geology Development
Enviable Financial Base for Substantial Company Growth
Advanced Opportunities
Leadership with a Track Record of Discoveries
Strategy for Geology Development

The Company has two distinct plans:

  • Golden Arrow’s priorities will continue to scout for precious and base metal properties which may include a variety of minor sellable associated minerals
  • Advancing the Company’s existing properties with known geologic potential through the Five Step Development Pipeline to PEA/PFS level discoveries.
Enviable Financial Base for Substantial Company Growth

An Enviable Profile:

  • To strong cash position and investments
  • Gold focused Project Pipeline with work in progress in Argentina, Chile and Paraguay: 254,983 hectares
  • 27 year development of intangible assets
  • No Company debt
Advanced Opportunities
  • Supportive mining jurisdictions
  • Advanced project opportunities that can be fasttracked to advanced discovery stage to interest both small and larger-scale mining companies
  • Multiple projects under review in close proximity to maximize synergy potential
Leadership with a Track Record of Discoveries

The Company is a member of the Grosso Group, a resource-focused management group that pioneered the mineral exploration industry in Argentina and has operated there since 1993. The Grosso Group, headed by Joseph Grosso, is credited with four exceptional mineral deposit discoveries, and has a highly-regarded track record for fostering strong relationships with communities and governments wherever it works. The Grosso Group leverages its vast network of local, regional and international industry contacts to support the exploration team as they search for quality resource opportunities.

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