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Operations Overview

Golden Arrow is developing a pipeline of projects in Chile, Paraguay and Argentina.

Advanced Exploration & Development

Since 2018 Golden Arrow has been exploring in Chile, a mature mining jurisdiction that offers undervalued projects with the potential for a short path to resources and production. Many projects have the opportunity for synergies with existing projects and infrastructure, leading to low development costs, and high marketability.

Discovery Stage Projects

Golden Arrow recently expanded into one of South America’s last frontiers for mineral exploration – Paraguay. The Company has acquired the district-scale, under-explored Tierra Dorada Gold Project which has the geologic potential for large orogenic gold deposits.

Management's long tenure and positive track-record of community and government relations has led to a portfolio of projects in Argentina with over 180,000 hectares of properties. Management at Golden Arrow considers Argentina to be an under-explored country with promising geological potential. Many of the projects are strategically located near major mines and within well-known mining districts. Golden Arrow is maximizing its value for shareholders by actively exploring some of these projects, while maintaining others as joint venture opportunities.

To contact us in Vancouver or at the Mendoza office in Argentina, please see our contact information.

Golden Arrow puts community relations and the environment at the forefront of its exploration programs